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Quartzcoat Solutions supplies a large range of:
Resin Bound and Resin Bonded Surfacing
Rubber Crum
Lush Lawn
Paveseal Block Paving
Concrete Sealer

The aim of Quartzcoat is to become a household name in the Resin Surfacing Market. To challenge the Likes of Sureset and addagrip, and to continue offering both quality and value, with a methodology of clean, concise workmanship, with the professionalism and politeness expected nowadays.



Quartzcoat specialise in the Engineered Surfacing Sector.
We supply and Install Resin Bound and Bonded Aggregate Surfaces, Wet Pour Rubber Crumb Safety Play Surfaces and a range of Landscape Synthetic Lawn Options.

QuartzCoat was well received at the Grand Designs 2012 show at Birmingham NEC.

Quartzbound is our flagship surfacing product. As with all Quartzcoat Systems, Quartzbound is a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing surfacing option, produced from the process of blending our patented UV Resistant Polymer Resin with an aggregate material such as Quartz, Granite, Flint or Pea Gravel.

Once the blending process is complete, the resulting “wet mixture”is poured out onto the surface to be coated, then trowelled by hand to a highly accurate finish.

This system is perfect for areas where an updated look is preferred, or where the existing surface material has aged and needs protecting.
The Quartzbound External System is a SUDS compliant free draining, porous finish.

It is ideally suited for applications such as Driveways, Patios, Pathways or Balconies, and with a little imagination, the results can lead to a total transformation of what used to be a dull or tired looking surface.

As long as the existing surface material is of reasonable soundness and is a “bond-able” substance, for instance, Concrete, Tarmac, Block Paving or Slabs, then Quartzbound would be the ideal solution to enhance an already existing surface and give it a new lease of life.

The choice of natural aggregates we have ranges from White Dolomite, with elements of Pink, Buff, Grey and Brown to compliment, through to Black Granite at the opposite end of the spectrum.

We also offer the Quartzbound in a full Pantone colour chart, so whatever your project requirements, whether it’s the “natural look” for the sympathetic approach, or “vibrantly coloured” for the leisure or activity based look, Quartzbound can definitely be the answer.

The full natural and coloured quartz range is available for this option.