Lush Lawn

For those who would prefer to relax on their lawn rather than spend time mowing and strimming it, this could well be the best choice you ever make.

The Range of Lush-Lawn grasses start at very affordable 28mm pile, twin filament options, and increase in quality and price up to the impressive 40mm triple filament multi length top of the range products.

In our modern society, the essence is being placed more and more on outside living space and the benefits of enjoying the garden instead of making it a chore.

With this in mind, and as an alternative to natural grass and all of its pitfalls, Lush-Lawn can be considered a no maintenance, beautifully appealing, all year round garden option.

Lush-Lawn can be installed as a domestic garden surface, or as a commercial landscape finish .
Where heavy foot traffic is expected and, under extreme circumstances, a “real” lawn would turn boggy or bare, Lush-Lawn is the ideal choice.

This new generation Synthetic Lawn product can be installed onto the traditional base make up of compacted type 1 and sand, using either a pinned wooden perimeter frame or concrete plinth. It can also be laid over our Quartzpad SBR system, this is particularly ideal if the lawn is to accommodate children’s play equipment or if you just prefer a softer feel underfoot.



Lush Lawn Swatches

Bliss 20mm

Comfort 5.5mm

Emerald 28mm

Lush 35mm

Oasis 30mm

Riviera Plus 40mm

Special 33mm

Sensation 26mm

No maintenance


All Year Round

Our External Ranges consists of:

Our Internal Ranges consists of: