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Quartzbound is our flagship surfacing product

As with all Quartzcoat Systems, Quartzbound is a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing surfacing option, produced from the process of blending our patented UV Resistant Polymer Resin with an aggregate material such as Quartz, Granite, Flint or Pea Gravel.

Once the blending process is complete, the resulting “wet mixture” is poured out onto the surface to be coated, then trowelled by hand to a highly accurate finish.

This system is perfect for areas where an updated look is preferred, or where the existing surface material has aged and needs protecting.

The Quartzbound External System is a SUDS compliant free draining, porous finish.

It is ideally suited for applications such as Driveways, Patios, Pathways or Balconies, and with a little imagination, the results can lead to a total transformation of what used to be a dull or tired looking surface.

As long as the existing surface material is of reasonable soundness and is a “bond-able” substance, for instance, Concrete, Tarmac, Block Paving or Slabs, then Quartzbound would be the ideal solution to enhance an already existing surface and give it a new lease of life.

The choice of natural aggregate ranges from White Dolomite,with elements of Pink, Buff, Grey and Brown to compliment, through to Black Granite at the opposite end of the spectrum.

We also offer the Quartzbound in a full Pantone colour chart, so whatever your project requirements, whether it’s the “natural look” for the sympathetic approach, or  “vibrantly coloured” for the leisure or activity based look, Quartzbound can definitely be the answer.

The full natural and coloured quartz range is available for this option.


The Key Benefits

  • Very low maintenance.

  • Easy to keep clean.

  • Ideal for all types of solid surface replacement.

  • Extremely hard wearing.

  • Colour fast with UVR technology.

  • Capable of being re-coated using resin based post installation system.

  • Comes in over 20 natural aggregate choices.

  • Can be pressure washed & chemically treated to remove any accidental staining.

Inset Inspection Chamber Covers

These hide the overbearing and ugly visual appearance of a traditional cover, by allowing our fluid resin system to be poured and set inside the lid cover.

Flush Rainwater Gullies

These help to keep the whole surface at one level and without steps or thresholds, whilst preventing unwanted debris, such as leaves and litter from gathering in a sunken gully.


Step Highlighter Inlays

Not only do they look attractive when set in a contrasting aggregate, but they also perform a very useful function. They help the pedestrian to differentiate between the level surfaces and the change in elevation when ascending such steps.

Feature Lighting

The addition of exterior lighting, whether sunken, inlaid or surface mounted, is a subtle but enhancing element to an newly installed surface. These features can be included at the time of installation in order to keep as much of the cabling and housing hidden.


Split Colour Scheme

Quartzbound EcoBase is our Quartzbound external free draining substrate

Quartzbound external system but using a non UV resin and is laid at 40 – 60mm thick.

Eliminates the need for a concrete or tarmac sub surface

100% porous and allows for full water permeability.

It can be laid directly into a compacted sub base of type 1 mot or GSB, (granular sub base )

Quartzbound Eco-base is ideal for situations where full water permeability is required.
Eco-base is an alternative substrate to concrete or tarmac, and is used to achieve complete permeability of a surface.
The Eco-base is laid at depths ranging from 40-60mm, depending on the intended use, although we suggest that this type of sub-surface be restricted to foot traffic usage.
If a free draining surface is required for vehicle use, then we would recommend a Bitcon, Open Texture Tar base course be installed, and at depth of 80mm minimum.
This will also give full permeability but with a greater level of compressive strength, whilst being more economical when used on larger areas such as vehicle driveways and parking areas.


Before and After

Chamber Covers

Rainwater Gullies


Highlighter Inlays


Quartzbound External Swatches

Here we have the majority of our Quartzbound External stones in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Black Basalt 3-6mm

Brittany Bronze Shingle 2-5mm

Autumn Quartz 2-5mm

Green Granite 2-5mm

Staffordshire Pink Flint 3-6mm

Golden Quartz 2-5mm

Trent Pea Gravel 6mm

Red Granite 2-5mm

Corn Flint 3-6mm

Polar White Flint 2-5mm

Dorset Gold Shingle 2-5mm

Eco-Glass 1-3mm

Mid Grey Granite 2-5mm 

Autumn Gold and Green Granite 2-5mm

Silver Grey Granite 2-5mm 

Rhine Gold Semi-Rounded Quartz 2-5mm

Autumn Gold 2-5mm

Danish Quartz 2-5mm 

Autumn Gold and Red Granite 2-5mm

Salmon Pink Granite 3-6mm

Beige Ceramic Eco 3-6mm

Ivory Ceramic Eco 3-6mm

Our External Ranges consists of:

Our Internal Ranges consists of: