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Quartzbond is our broad cast, anti slip surfacing product.

The concept of “Quartzbond”, our Resin Bonded Surface System, is sometimes misconceived as being the same or similar to a Resin Bound Surface.

However, the actual process of creating a “bonded” finish relies on the application of a wet, receiving coat of viscous, polyurethane resin, this is applied using flexible, rubber levelling tools, and is generally kept to between 1 and 2 mm in depth.

Once the resin has been poured and worked in to the existing surface to find its own level, it is then cast onto with the aggregate of choice. This is commonly a smaller sized aggregate to a bound system, typically 1-3mm, but the larger, 2-5mm flints and granites can also be used. Using the larger size stones will add “texture” and “depth” to the finish, but will require more resin to accommodate the bigger aggregate and keep it bonded securely.

Suitable surfaces for this type of coating would be tarmac or concrete, the quality of which would invariably need to be better than that required for a Quartzbound finish.

This is mainly due to the fact that the resin, when applied as a liquid coating, as previously described, will always find its own level and follow the contours of the surface being overlaid. The result is that any dips or irregularities would be noticeable through the new surface.

We would advise that this type of surface be used where there is a requirement for maximum grip, and also where the existing surface is of reasonable quality in order for the Bonded finish to look the best it can.

If the existing surface is in doubt, then seek the guidance of one of our teams and they may advise that some remedial ground repairs are necessary before fitting the new surface.

We have successfully installed this type of surface to numerous woodland walks, amenity landscaped areas and rural parks.

We only recommend using the natural quartz range when installing this option.


Resin Bonded is ideal when a slip resistant surface is required.

Initially the area to be covered is prepared, including the removal of weed growth and loose materials. Any making good is also done at this stage.

The base resin is applied directly onto the prepared surface and the chosen quartz or shingle is then scattered liberally into the curing resin base.

Resin Bonded is ideal when a slip resistant surface is required with the stone being laid into the resin and left 'rough'.

The stone or quartz provides a solid, long lasting surface with good grip, ideal for use in areas that have a slope, or are prone to slime and algae that can cause slippery conditions.

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Quartzbond External Swatches

Here we have a selection of our Quartzbond External surfaces which can be installed in larger sizes, although we recommend a 1 – 3mm aggregate for a majority of applications.

Autumn Quartz 1-3mm

Brittany Bronze 1-3mm

Ruby Stone 1-3mm

Green Granite 1-3mm

Autumn Gold  1-3mm

Staffordshire Pink Flint  1-3mm

Gold Beach Shingle 1-3mm

Silver Grey Granite 1-3mm

Our External Ranges consists of:

Our Internal Ranges consists of: