Lush Lawn

This particular surfacing solution is designed to follow on from traditional finishes such as tiles or linoleum in the race for technology.

The System incorporates the exact method as our Quartzbound External, except for one major difference, this is a completely non-porous surface.

It is installed in much the same way as its external equivalent, but once laid and cured, the new finish is then “filled” using a revolutionary grouting system.

The Acrylic grout is forced into the Quartzbound surface, and once cured, it forms a total seal against any potential water or liquid penetration.

The aggregates used are generally the 1-3mm size and the choice of natural stones are the same as the external range.

The surface is then sealed using a protective Polyurethane coating to prolong the lifespan of the filler coat.

This internal flooring solution is ideal for use in wet rooms, kitchens, shower rooms and conservatories. It is also suitable for inside swimming pool surrounds, where there is a need for surface mounted water run off.

The full natural and coloured quartz range is available for this option.






Quartzbound Internal Swatches

Here we have the majority of our Quartzbound Internal stones in various sizes, colours and finishes.

Q 0.7003 Pale Grey

Trans Quartz Black 2-4mm

QP 0.21 Violet

Trans Quartz Red 2-4mm

Trans Quartz Ochre 2-4mm

Trans Quartz Blue 2-4mm Filled and Sealed

Royal Blue Pigmented Quartz 2-4mm Blue Filled and Sealed

QP 0.52 Natural Grey

Q 0.158 May Green

QP 0.19 Peach Grey

Forest Green Pigmented 2-4mm

Q 0.150 Pool Blue

Turquoise Pigmented 3-6mm

Q 0.5018 Mermaid

Q 0.145 Lipstick

Q 0.5021 Aquamarine

QSC 0.1214 Mustard Yellow

Qp 0.22 Periwinkle Blue

Q 0.71 Citronalla

QSC 0.7054 Seal Grey

Q 0.114 Sandstone Buff

Q 0.5007 Sky

Q 0.1015 Bidiford Buff

Q 0.5000 French Navy Blue

Q 0.6003 Tarragon

Q 0.5014 Poison Bottle Blue

Q 0.6098 Eau-de-Nil

Mid Grey Pigmented Quartz 3-6mm

Q 0.8015 Pumpernickel

QP 0.45 Wholemeal

QS 0.8120 Mink

QP 0.57 Crushed Coral

QP 0.5 Oatmeal

QP 0.19 Pale Peach

QP 0.18 Light Natural Quartz

QP 0.2 Pink Champagne

QH 0.9807 Bran

Q RAL 0.5014 Gwel y Don

QH 0.7000 Saphire

QH 0.4011 Biscuit

QH 0.3115 Ivory

Q 0.9010 Polar White

QH 0.6004 Caramel Shortbread

Q 0.6011 Flapjack

Q 0.9002 White Spar

Q 0 Natural Quartz

QP 0.4 Kiss Me Pink

Q 0.9001 Ice Blue Spar

Q 0.3004 Cherry Pop

Q 0.7002 Tempered Steel

Q 0.7001 Steel

QP 0.59 Rose Petal

Q 0.3005 Rioja

Q 0.101 Winchester 1987

QP 0.85 Candy Cane

QP 0.101 DG Smooth Charcoal

Q 0.140 Clay Court

QH 0.9815 Chocolate Crispy Cake

Q 0.141 Spanish Terracotta

Q 0.8025 Wicker

QP 0.46 Powder Compact

Q 0.2004 Satsuma

Q 0.1046 Alabaster

Q 0.2002 Tuscan Rock

QP 0.10 Umber

Q 0.3012 Pale Tuscan Rock

Q 0.2000 Wild Straw

Our External Ranges consists of:

Our Internal Ranges consists of: